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Conditions of Access to Nickelodeon Adventure

Tickets to Nickelodeon Adventure must be acquired at the points of sale authorised by Nickelodeon Adventure. Information about the different kinds of tickets, the prices, special offers and conditions are available on the official webpage of Nickelodeon Adventure (, as well as at the ticket offices of the centre itself and the other authorised points of sale.
The ticket to Nickelodeon Adventure entitles the holder to enjoy the attractions, facilities and performances as often as they may desire, while observing the internal rules of the centre at all times.
Nickelodeon Adventure does not have monitors for the custody and care of minors. Minors must be accompanied at all times by an adult. Given that a breach of this rule could entail the commission of an offence of child neglect, Nickelodeon Adventure shall activate the established protocols and make a report to the authorities.
Once the visitor has left Nickelodeon Adventure, reentry is not permitted.
The visitor must retain their ticket throughout their stay, as staff may request it be shown to them at any moment. Any person who does not hold the corresponding ticket may be expelled from Nickelodeon Adventure.
The special offers and discounts applicable at Nickelodeon Adventure are not cumulative, unless this is expressly stated in their conditions.
The improper use of any annual pass or season ticket shall entitle Nickelodeon Adventure to proceed to rescind it.
Nickelodeon Adventure reserves the right of admission to the facilities of the centre, in accordance with the Act 2/2011, of 2 March, on admission to public performances, recreational activities and public establishments in the Region of Murcia, and the remaining legal and regulatory provisions applicable.
Nickelodeon Adventure may expel visitors from its facilities who breach the legal or regulatory provisions, or the internal rules of the centre and, in any case, whenever they engage in conduct which disturbs other visitors, is disorderly and/or represents a risk to their own physical safety or that of other visitors in using the attractions or facilities, all in conformity with the provisions laid down by law or regulations. Expulsion on any of these grounds shall not entitle the visitor to a refund of the ticket price. In relation to such behaviour, Nickelodeon Adventure reserves the right to withdraw any season ticket from its holders, and to refuse its acquisition in the future.

Access to Nickelodeon Adventure bearing firearms, knives or sharp objects is absolutely forbidden. Likewise, entry into the centre with narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances is forbidden. The possession of the cited objects or substances, or the consumption or sale of the latter within the centre, shall be grounds for expulsion with no entitlement to a refund of the ticket price, and without prejudice to such appropriate legal measures as must be taken where applicable.

For reasons of social harmony, hygiene and safety, nor is entry into Nickelodeon Adventure permitted:

  • with food or drink;
  • with food or drink;
  • with roller skates, scooters, bicycles or other similar objects which could pose a risk to visitors;
  • with audio equipment which could annoy other visitors.

To guarantee security and proper social harmony within the centre, the duly authorised personnel of Nickelodeon Adventure may inspect backpacks, handbags, bags or other kinds of baggage, in the cases and within the terms established by law.
The rented buggies and wheelchairs may not leave the facilities of the centre.
Nickelodeon Adventure accepts no responsibility for objects lost or left at any point of its facilities.
Should some object be abandoned, Nickelodeon Adventure shall proceed to remove it for reasons of security, without prejudice to possible notification to the competent authorities.
Hawking and the resale of products within the complex are not permitted.

On the grounds of capacity, Nickelodeon Adventure may suspend the sale of tickets or prohibit access to the complex in those cases where, taking into account, among other circumstances, the facilities and attractions available at that moment, it is envisaged that an excessive number of visitors could hamper the proper operation of the centre and/or hinder full enjoyment of the facilities by visitors under conditions of normality and safety.
In accordance with the law in force, smoking is prohibited in all spaces within the Nickelodeon Adventure complex.

Conditions of Use of the Centre, its Attractions, Games and Performances

To guarantee the safety of all visitors, the use of the attractions is subject to certain restrictions on age and height and requires that certain physical and psychological conditions be met, as stated on the signs displayed at each one. Should the visitor be unable to enjoy one or more attractions because one of these restrictions is applicable to them, this shall not qualify them for a refund of the ticket price.
The attractions, games and performances have their own rules of use, which have been prepared for the benefit and safety of our visitors, so that they must be respected at all times. The use of cameras of any kind or “selfie sticks” is not permitted on the attractions.
Information for the disabled at Customer Service and on

Eating and/or drinking during use of the attractions is prohibited, as it is in all the other zones of the complex, except the cafeteria area.
In the cafeteria area, only the consumption of products acquired in the cafeteria is permitted.
For the visitor to obtain maximum enjoyment, wearing proper clothing is recommended and it is mandatory, for reasons of safety and hygiene and out of respect for other users, to bear the torso covered and wear proper footwear.
Once the performances have started, it is not possible to access them.
The cafeteria furniture has been carefully placed according to operational criteria, so that moving it around is not permitted.

Nickelodeon Adventure reserves the right to modify the expected opening and closing hours of the centre, as well as to suspend the operation of attractions or performances when this is justified by force majeure or exceptional circumstances, among which, but without limitation, are the grounds of safety, or technical or operational grounds. In these cases, there shall be no entitlement to refund of the ticket price.

General Recommendations

Should you become aware of some situation of emergency or danger, please notify centre personnel.
In any situation which requires the complete or partial evacuation of the facilities, please follow the instructions of centre personnel.
Do not run in the facilities or make any improper use of them.
It is mandatory to heed the indications of centre personnel at all times, as well as the instructions and signs bearing warnings and recommendations to be found in the centre.
Remember that you are on private property: LOOK AFTER IT. As private property, Nickelodeon Adventure may establish and limit the exercise of those activities, other than its own, as it may see fit.
The present rules may be modified by Nickelodeon Adventure to adapt them to the operations and proper working of the centre.
All of the rules by which the centre is governed are on display at the Customer Service office and are published on the webpage



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