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A cookie is an information storage and recovery device downloaded to the computer or electronic device of the User on accessing certain web pages or applications. Cookies enable certain information about the navigation habits of the User, their equipment or device, to be obtained so as to allow improvements in the service of a web and offer a better experience to the User.

What type of cookies does this web page use?

Mall Entertainment Centre Murcia, S.L.U. use the cookies described below on this website:

1. Own Cookies

These are cookies strictly necessary for the provision of certain services explicitly requested by the User. Should the User deactivate these cookies they will not be able to receive the contents, products or services of this Portal correctly.

The kinds of own cookies used on this Portal by the aforementioned entities and the information obtained using them, are as follows:

Types of cookies
Specific uses

Session Cookies

These provide data about the entry and navigation log of the User on the website, as well as the shopping cart.

They are only valid during the User’s visit to the web. They do not record any information permanently on the User’s computer hard disk and they expire at the end of the navigation session.

These cookies are only associated to an anonymous User and do not furnish references that would allow us to deduce the identity (name, surnames) of Users who navigate on our website.

Logging User entries into the Portal.

To provide information society services expressly requested by the User and pursuant to the terms and conditions applicable to the Portal.

In the processes of online purchase via the Portal, cookies solely collect information about (i) the User’s browser, and (ii) the session ID for that User during their visit to the website, so as to manage the purchase process (in particular, bank payments) and verify the correctness of the data furnished by the User during the current process. In such a process, the data introduced by the User shall be associated to their session ID for the sole purpose of making the bank payment and accrediting that the purchase has been made.

2. Third-Party Cookies

These are cookies not strictly necessary for the provision of services explicitly or for navigating through the website.

The kinds of third-party cookies used on this Portal and the information yielded to the entities indicated above and the third parties listed below, are the following:

Name of the Cookie
Session Cookie / Persistent Cookie
“_stid” (SHARETHIS)

The purpose is to associate the User with themes of interest based on the content that the User has visited, consumed and shared during navigation.

“_uste” (SHARETHIS)

The purpose is to see whether cookies were set previously on the computer or electronic device of the User on accessing certain web pages, so as to avoid the download of a new cookie to the same device during the following eight (8) hours.

“_unam” (SHARETHIS)

The purpose is to quantify the number of Users who share certain content and how many web pages are visited as a result of that action.


These are additional cookies created by Sharethis. The purpose is to analyse audience size and anonymous usage statistics.

“B, BX, others” (Flickr)

These cookies are enabled on pages with the Flickr widget. They may be attributed either to Flickr or Yahoo! (proprietors of Flickr). The cookies “BX” and “B” are enabled for all users, and the others, only if the User has opened a session in their Flickr account. Yahoo! may use the information compiled to offer advertisements based on the navigation activity and interests of the User.

“Visitor_Info1_Live” (YouTube)

The purpose is to estimate the User’s bandwidth.

“use_hitbox” (YouTube)

The purpose is to increment the User visit counter of a particular YouTube video.

“PREF” (YouTube)

The purpose is to store the session preferences for the viewing activity of the User during navigation. These cookies do not store information that enables us to identify the User.

“__ga” (Google)

This cookie allows us to distinguish the Users who navigate through the website but it under no circumstances enables us to know their identities.

“__utma” (Google)

This cookie generates a unique User ID. The unique User ID allows us to count the number of times a User visits the website. Similarly, it allows us to record the first and last time that the User visited the Portal.

“__utmb” (Google)

The purpose is to record the time the User started to navigate the website, and it expires thirty (30) minutes after the last record of a page viewed by the User. It is eliminated automatically on changing website or closing the browser. If the User remains more than thirty (30) minutes without activity on the website and requests a new page, this will be regarded as a new User session.

“__utmc” (Google)

This cookie enables knowledge of when the User closed their session. It enables checking whether the session should be kept open, or a new one created.

“__utmz” (Google)

This cookie records the source of traffic or publicity campaign by which the User reached our Portal. The cookie is created when the “JavaScript” library is run and it is updated every time information is sent to Google Analytics.

“__utmv” (Google)

This cookie lets us, on the basis of the User log data, segment demographic data such as the sex or age of the Users who visit the Portal, for compiling statistics of Portal activity. and for the purpose of improving the experience of the User at the Portal. The information is obtained using the “_setVar” in the code of Google Analytics.


How can I find out more about how to administer the cookies and block or delete them if I wish?

The User may freely decide about (i) whether or not to accept our cookies on their hard disk, and (ii) whether to be warned onscreen about the installation of each cookie (one by one), and decide on whether to accept it at that moment, as follows:

1. Configuration of User browser options.

  • For more information about the Browser Google Chrome, click here.
  • For more information about the Browser Explorer, click here.
  • For more information about the Browser Mozilla Firefox, click here.
  • For more information about the Browser Safari, click here.

2. Using third-party tools available online.

Certain third-party tools available online allow the User to detect the cookies on each website they visit and handle deactivation; for instance if the User does not wish to be tracked by “Google Analytics” on all webpages, they can access

If the User configures their browser to reject all cookies or expressly rejects the own cookies of this website, they may have difficulties in completing online purchases at the Portal. Therefore, the User’s navigation through our website may be slower or encounter some kind of error.

The acceptance of the use of cookies at this Portal by Users may be revoked at any moment using the browser configuration options indicated above and the privacy options available at the Portal; they may also send email to, should they have any query about our cookies policy.

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